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Wordle Game: Guess the Hidden Word

How to play: Wordle is a simple crossword-like game providing initially from 4 to 11 letters (depending on the number of squares you choose.) You will have 6 tries for each game to guess what words are in the square.

Starting the game: The first thing you need to do is to fill a random word into the first square on the first row. The game will pop out hints to let you know if the word you are choosing is correct or not.

  • The square shown in Green: The letter you choose is correct and corresponds to the position of the hidden word.
  • The square shown in Yellow: The letter you selected AVAILABLE in the hidden word but its location is not correct.
  • If the square is shown in Gray: The letter you selected is not in the hidden word.

Number of games: Before starting with Wordle Game, you need to understand that this game allows you to try 6 times in total. After 6 unsuccessful attempts, you are considered failed and must start over.

Wordle Game is more challenging than you think with more letters

You can challenge yourself by selecting longer words. The easiest level starts with 4 letters, and it gets harder with 11 letters.

Wordle supports speakers of several languages

Wordle is in English by default, but you can change the language in settings to have a better understanding on the hint words. You can select the language you feel comfortable with. Besides, this feature helps players improve their second-language skill.

Wordle for Kids

This game is suitable for all ages. This children’s version of Wordle has a curated list of dictionaries suitable for children ages from 1 to 8 and it begins with three-letter words. With the development of this special version for children, Wordle hopes to help children improve their vocabularies to accurately understand words, thereby helping them advance and maximize their logical thinking and memory development.

Start your own puzzle challenge on Wordle

You can also make your own quizzes in Wordle with the starting challenge of 4 to 11 letters to see if you can overcome the difficulties of this game? More than that, you can share it to your friends to challenge them. Are you ready to start this game with 6 tries?

How to play Wordle

Enter 1 letter in in the square

After choosing a level that matches your ability (5 horizontal crosswords), enter 1 letter in any box to start the game. If the letter you selected is shown in green, that means you are on the right way to the hidden word. Remember that you only have a total of 6 attempts per turn.

Enter 1 letter in in the square

Decide what the hidden word is

Before participating in Wordle online, you should take the time to analyze the possible words that match the number of letters (from 4 to 11 letters) in the hidden crossword to increase accuracy.

In case the letter you fill is displayed in yellow, it means that you have selected 1 word of this puzzle correctly, but it is not in the correct position of the puzzle. If the letter you choose appears in green, it means that the word you choose is possibly right. In case the letter is marked with a green pattern, then the word is in the puzzle, and it is in the correct position. Finally, if the letter you select is still grayed out, it’s not in the hidden puzzle.

Decide what the hidden word is

Analyze the hidden words

Take a look at the image below. These are suggestions to help you get a better understand our Wordle game. Are you ready to solve all the hidden words in this game? If you win, you will become one of our best players.

Analyze the hidden words

Frequently Asked Questions of Wordle

    What are the rules of Wordle?

    The main objective of the game is to guess the hidden word within 6 tries/play. In each row of hidden crosswords, you need to enter any 1 letter from 4 to 11 letters to find the correct answers. Depending on the letter you have selected, the letters will be highlighted in three different colors.

    Color marking:

  1. Gray: The letter you choose is not in the Wordle puzzle.
  2. Yellow: The letter you select is in the puzzle but is in the wrong place of the word in the hidden puzzle.
  3. Green: The letter you choose is correct and exactly matches the word in the Wordle puzzle.
  4. If you want to win it all, you need to correctly fill all the letters in the hidden crosswords while all the letters you choose must show up in green.

    What are the best and simplest letter to start with?

    When guessing letters in Wordle phrasal puzzles, we recommend that you should not use letters with many vowels such as “VOICE”, “MOUSE”. A suggestion from mathematician Grant Sanderson is that the best words to start this game are “CRANE” or “SLOTH”. We can assume that these letters are used more often than others.

    Can I use a dictionary in Wordle?

    For American English, we recommend using a dictionary in the word list. Letterpress dictionary is a good choice for you with about 275,000 words and is continuously being updated. This is a dictionary built and developed by real people.

    Why some frequent players receive a notification “Word not found”?

    If you get a “Word not found” message in Wordle, it means that the word setting and word you selected are incorrect or not included in this game’s puzzle. Don’t freak out and try adding other words. If you find the words you selected to be correct but is not shown, give us feedback immediately.

    How to change the input letter/words?

    For 1 letter:

    Wordle allows players to change any letter if you have entered it wrong. To do this, simply click on the “Backspace” button.

    For entered word:

    To be fair, we do not support correcting all the letters that you have entered in the crossword. You have a total of 6 times to retry.

    Can I download this game to my device?

    Unfortunately, at the moment, Wordle is not available in Google Play and App Store (under development on these platforms). Currently, you can only play it directly on a web browser using PC, Mac or mobile devices. Of course, you need to make sure your device is connected to the internet.

    Can I guess a word to challenge my friends?

    Of course! You just need to click on the “W+” icon on the left corner of the screen. Next, you need to input a puzzle from 4 to 11 letters (Note: your puzzle must be written consecutively, without punctuation and no spaces) then click on the “COPY PATH” button. Remember that the Quiz you choose must be included in Wordle’s puzzle system. Lastly, you can share it with your friends via social media or any communication network.

    What languages does Wordle support?

    Currently, Wordle is in English by default. But to help players easily understand and better play this game, we have also developed several other languages in the settings such as: French, German, Swedish, Irish, Czech, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Filipino. Some other languages will be updated as soon as possible.

    Is Wordle suitable for children?

    As introduced, Wordle is suitable for all ages (especially children). This is a simple puzzle game using letters to guess words. So, this game will help children get used to vocabulary and improve their communication skill. It’s also beneficial for logical thinking and memory development.

    However, parents should also supervise young children and allow them to play Wordle for a certain time in a day!

    Is it possible to cheat in Wordle?

    This is a game that benefits everyone who participates in. So, we don’t allow you to cheat in Wordle. We appreciate your knowledge in vocabulary and the ability in word using.

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