Flaggle is a different word variant that functions similarly to words however in this case refers to a national flag. If you enjoy tough games, we believe you’ll enjoy our new internet word strategy game.

Introduction to Flaggle

Flaggle online is a chess game of chance inspired by Wordle. This is really a daily game which can only be performed once a day; we tested it out and became excited to play again soon to relate our people who have difficulty in the chess match with you. Put your findings in the remarks, then we’ll see what you can do!

The purpose of the Flaggle is to predict the flag of a nation or region in the fewest series of attempts allowed. If you succeed, this everyday chess game will tell you how successfully you solved it as well as your statistics. Then, much like the word, it provides you the choice to publish it on your social networking sites. It can only be performed once each day. Peace and quiet while having fun with your pals.

Following each guess in Flaggle, you will be shown an identical banner with your inference in the same colors as the solution. To make things easier, the spectrum has been restricted to ten popular hues (below). Like a result, I apologize if certain flags have become wrong.

This is a game about various countries’ symbols. You should indeed correctly identify the flags in six or fewer rounds. Each guess reveals a new portion of the banner and provides topographical insights.

How to play Flaggle

If the player answers the country’s flag, they will not be able to play again for 24 hours. In our perspective, it is a triumph since it presents itself as an engrossing everyday task.

In six chances, find the secret flag.

Every attempt should correspond to a legitimate nation on the list.

The gameplay will expose a different part of the banner and provide a topographical suggestion with distances after every try.

The Flaggle games helps in sharing the results on social networks, demonstrates the succession of tries with color, and does not expose the response of today’s chess, growing the inquisitiveness to try to unveil the phrase of each day, as well as the contest between a few customers and many others to suppose the preceding nation. Each nation’s focus point is distinct. Every day, a new flag!

Game Controls

  • Use mouse and keyboard.
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