Swiftle is a prediction game that uses solely Taylor Swift tracks as progressive snippets. We believe you’ll enjoy this game if you like Taylor Swift.

Introduction to Swiftle

Swiftle is a music-themed game that may be played once a day in difficulty mode or in previous games. Swiftle is a Wordle game -inspired platform game. The game also features a comparable sharing tool that allows you to copy a number of emoticons to your clipboard and post them on social media.

This Swiftle does not need you to guess a word; instead, you must predict a different song every day. Listen to the video and identify the Taylor Swift song in six tries. If you win, this music game knows that however much time you have until the next song or which you have completed.

Features of the game

Swiftle Wordle is a simple activity that has attracted thousands of players in a matter of days due to its simplicity and the fact that you only get six tries per day to answer its task (for all everyone too). If a user answers Taylor Swift’s track, he or she can post it on all social networking sites. This Swiftle game is perfect for music fans, and it provides an engrossing everyday challenge.

How to play Swiftle

Listen to the song’s introduction to figure out what it is.

Forecasts that are incorrect or ignored unlock extra songs.

The footage might come from any portion of the music. The song’s original length is one second, and after each guess, another one second is added.

To play the clip indefinitely, use the play button.

After answering incorrectly, the clip will be unlocked and played for 1 second.

The locksmith clip will figure out the right answer after 2 seconds of listening.

Guess correctly as many times as you can and submit your score.

Control the volume and touch to begin the song!

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