Weddle is a gameplay based on the characters word game play on words, but this time it has been modified to pick a NFL player from a database.

Introduction to Weddle

Weedle online is an everyday tournament that may be played in today’s or random difficulty level once every day. This game is a 2022 game that was influenced by Wordle, a phrase predicting a game invented by Josh Wardle in 2021. Rather than identifying one secret phrase each day, participants in Weddle must guess which NFL player is the mysterious player. The program reduces the number of NFL players accessible for fantasy sports clubs.

Weedle is a popular single player game of chance with 8 answers; the difficulty has been doubled from the original phrase, and we will show you how to play these games with suggestions and tactics to help you develop your abilities.

Weddle game is a basic game. It entails identifying an NFL player in 8 attempts. Once you’ve figured out who this mysterious gamer is, you may publish your findings on social media. Please share it with your friends! If you enjoy NFL football, we think you’ll love this multiplayer game. If you attempt it, you’ll discover the explanation why this internet game went popular for a few hours.

How to play Weddle

This online game is a completely free word guessing game that does not require any downloads or installation.Also, it is a one-grid game in which you must predict an NFL player as rapidly as possible.

Identify the NFL player as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The answer player will be a contemporary fictitious player, leaving just WR, RB, QB, and TE.

The color of the tiles transforms with each guess, according to how near you are to the player.

A result is represented by the color green in any section.

The yellow hue in the division column reflects the right construction but just not the exact split.

The yellow hue in the height, age, and weight columns indicates that the correct number is within 2 (inches, years, numbers) of both the players.

The sport game provides a list of all of the gamers that can participate, and you must select who you believe is the best player right now. The hints are unique to each participant. Every day, a new unknown player appears!

Game Controls

  • Use mouse and keyboard.
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